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(at Liberty Station Studio in Point Loma)


WEEK 1:  December 18 - 22  /  Winter Wonderland
Sr Camp:  AGES 8-14 / 9AM-12PM / MON-FRI / [CLOSED!]
Jr Camp:  AGES 4-7   / 1PM- 3PM /  MON-FRI / $130

Join us as we create several exciting works of art inspired by the winter season! From snowy landscapes to cold weather animals living in their icy habitats, we'll bring winter to life through drawing. This camp will use a variety of media techniques and art mediums.

WEEK 2:  December 27 - 29  /  Mixed Media Workshop
Sr Camp:  AGES 8-14 / 9AM-12PM / WED-FRI / $120
Jr Camp:  AGES 4-7   / 1PM- 3PM /  WED-FRI / [CLOSED!]

In this camp we'll create several winter inspired works of art while experimenting with a variety of art mediums! (ex: oil pastel, graphite, graphic marker, water color, colored pencil, tissue paper, collage & more.) Students will learn how to combine media into beautifully diverse works of art!