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(at Liberty Station Studio in Point Loma)

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SR CAMP:  AGES 8-14 / 9AM-12PM / MON-FRI / $210
JR CAMP:  AGES 4-7   / 1PM- 3PM /  MON-FRI / $140

Camp 1: June 19 - June 23  /  Mixed Media
Camp 2: June 26 - June  30  /  Amazing Animals
Camp 3: July  03 - July  07  /  Cartoons  *(4 days pro-rated)
Camp 4: July  10 - July  14  /  Painting
Camp 5: July  17 - July  21  /  World Travel
Camp 6: July  24 - July  28  /  Oceans of Fun (Sr Ages 8-14 Cancelled!)
Camp 7: July  31 - Aug  04  /  Mixed Media
Camp 8: Aug  07 - Aug  11  /  Fantasy & Fiction
Camp 9: Aug  14 - Aug  18  /  Amazing Animals
Camp10: Aug  21 - Aug  25  /  Painting


Mixed Media
In this camp we will experiment with several different art mediums! (ex: oil pastel, graphite, graphic marker, water color, colored pencil, tissue paper, collage & more.) Students will learn how to combine media into beautifully diverse works of art!

In this camp we'll learn how to draw our own cartoons! We'll look at movies, tv and comics as examples of cartoon style and proportion. Various media and techniques will be used.

Amazing Animals
This wild and adventurous camp is perfect for animal lovers! We'll explore a variety of exotic and endangered animals in their natural habitats using graphic markers, oil pastels, colored pencils, and more! It's guaranteed to be a roaring good time!

In this camp students will learn easy and essential skills for using acrylic, watercolor and oil pastel. We'll explore color theory and composition through several fun projects. Students are encouraged to wear an old t-shirt to protect their clothes.

World Travel
Pack your imagination and creativity for an exciting trip around the world! In this fun and educational camp we will draw popular scenes and landmarks around the globe, from the Eiffel Tower to the Taj Majal. Don't forget your passport!

Oceans of Fun
Join us on an aquatic adventure as we dive down and explore the depths of the ocean through drawing! Art projects will focus on sea life and ocean habitats. A variety of media will be used such as watercolor, oil pastel, colored pencil, rock salt, sand, and more!

Fantasy & Fiction
In this camp we'll bring to life legends of myth and magic through drawing! Art projects will focus on characters from literary fiction and film. (ex: Dragons, Pirates, Unicorns, Star Wars, The Hobbit, and much more...) Bring your imagination along for this enchanting art camp.